Police: Suspect can’t get bolt cutters to work in Butler County theft attempts


A report of a male attempting to steal a bicycle took officers to the area of Foxfire Drive in Oxford on Oct. 8. The suspect was described as a skinny white male wearing a ball cap. The caller said he had seen the male by his bike trying to cut the lock and then walking to South Locust Street.

Officers drove around the area and located the male described by the caller with another male, both wearing backpacks. The officer saw the suspect attempting to hide bolt cutters under his shirt. The suspect indicated he had just come from the Miami Preserve apartments. He said he had taken the bolt cutters from his mother’s house but denied having done anything with them.

He was asked why he had tried to cut the lock from the bike and allegedly said, “Man, I know it’s stupid.” He admitted trying to cut the lock off a bike in the Miami Preserve complex and said the bolt cutters were not working. He was identified by the original caller as the person he had seen trying to cut the lock on is bike on Foxfire. A search turned up a capped hypodermic syringe in his pocket and also in his backpack.

A male with him was identified and was found to have warrants out of both Fairfield and Hamilton police departments and he also had a capped syringe in his coat pocket. Both departments said to have him turn himself in and he was released.

The original caller confirmed damage to his bike lock and the first suspect showed the officer both bikes he had attempted to cut loose. He was charged with attempting to commit an offense and criminal damaging and released to his home. Identical charges are pending confirmation by the owner of the bike at the Miami Preserve.