Police: Man shot after being caught in another person’s car in Middletown

There are 11 municipal police departments in Butler County.

Resident says he fired ‘three or four’ times after hearing alarm.

A Middletown man suffered a gunshot wound Thursday night after multiple shots were fired on Superior Avenue, according to police.

The man shot, Drew Forkner, 24, of South Sutphin Street, was shot in the torso and taken to Atrium Medical Center.

The shooting occurred about 11:55 p.m. in the 2300 block of Superior Avenue. A resident who came out of his house and fired the shots called 911 after the shooting, according to Sgt. Earl Nelson.

“We are still trying to figure out what occurred,” Nelson said. “We know he found (Forkner) in his car. As to why he was in the car, we have no idea. We are still trying to work out the details as to what led up to the shooting and why the shooting happened.”

The vehicle was parked on the street, and four shell casing were recovered, Nelson said.

The male 911 caller told dispatchers, “I just shot a guy.”

“He was in my car when I came out to get something to eat and ran towards me,” the man said. “He needs an ambulance.”

The caller said he is a CCW permit holder and was instructed by the dispatcher to put the gun away. Detectives took possession of the gun in the house when they arrived.

“I think he’s dying,” the man said. “Oh my God, oh my God.”

The resident said he heard his alarm go off, then found the man sitting in the driver’s side.

“When I was going to get in the car he opened the door and ran towards me,” the caller said, adding he shot three or four times.

No charges have been filed. Nelson said detectives were not able to talk with Forkner last night because he was going into surgery.

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