Police: Man charged after high-speed pursuit in gold van through Oxford


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An Oxford police officer sitting stationary on Kehr Road in his police vehicle Oct. 13 saw gold-colored van go past driven by a man known to him to not have a valid driver’s license. That led to a chase during which the driver reached speeds nearing 100 miles per hour, passed other vehicles in no-passing zones and ran a stop sign.

The driver accelerated his vehicle when the officer activated his lights and siren to get him to stop, heading south on Kehr Road. He reportedly passed a vehicle on a double yellow area on Kehr and then went into a curve at a high rate of speed and nearly lost control of his vehicle on a second curve. He failed to stop at the stop sign at Stillwell Beckett Road making a left turn.

The report notes he then passed a vehicle on the double yellow on Stillwell Beckett while traveling east with a semi-tractor trailer and another vehicle coming westbound, causing all three vehicles to take evasive action running off the side of the road to avoid an accident.

The officer decided to drop the pursuit for fear of the driver’s reckless actions. Since the initial violation occurred in the city limits, the subsequent violations were a continuation of the incident.

The driver was charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, driving while suspended, stop sign violation, overtaking and passing of vehicles and driving in marked lanes.

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