Police: Fairfield student’s story changed ‘enough to cause doubt’ in alleged bus driver assault

Fairfield police declined to charge the bus driver accused of assaulting an elementary student because there “just wasn’t enough evidence,” said officer Doug Day.

On Friday, a bus driver, who has not been named by police or school officials, was accused by the parents of a Central Elementary female student of assaulting the child.

The driver was ordered on leave Tuesday from the job by Fairfield school officials pending the outcome of the police investigation.


Police decided on Wednesday to not charge the bus driver.

Day said there is no video evidence and the child’s story “changed a couple of times.”

“While that’s not uncommon with a child, it was enough to cause doubt with the mom,” Day said. “And there really wasn’t enough concrete evidence to charge the bus driver.”

Fairfield school officials did not immediately respond to questions as to the status of the driver.

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