Police: Car windows smashed at Butler County aquatic center

An officer responded to a call to the Oxford Aquatic Center at 2:08 p.m. July 8 on a report of a car window being smashed and items taken from the vehicle, according to a police report.

The officer spoke to the complainant who said two purses had been stolen. The officer soon discovered, however, there were five other vehicles with windows smashed and those victims were located through an announcement by aquatic center staff.

During the course of the investigation, one of the victims received an alert that her credit card had been presented for payment at the Oxford Kroger store and another officer responded there to check out that part of the report.

The initial victim’s vehicle suffered a shattered rear driver’s side window. Missing were a Louis Vuitton purse valued at $1,500 and a Louis Vuitton wallet valued at $700 along with an expired Ohio driver’s license, four store charge cards and the victim’s ex-husband’s gold and diamond wedding ring valued at $800.

The report listed damage to the other five vehicles and items reported missing as a result:

• Victim 2 – A passenger side window smashed and stolen were a Louis Vuitton purse valued at $70 and a set of work keys.

• Victim 3 – A driver’s side front window smashed and items taken were a Michael Kors leather purse valued at $600, a Michael Kors leather wallet valued at $200, cash for $200, Coach sunglasses valued at $300, a Macy’s gift card for $100 as well as a Macy’s credit card, Mike’s Car Wash certificates worth $75, two Transformer toys valued at $60, facemasks from Rothys valued at $25, makeup valued at $30, a hair comb valued at $5 and hand sanitizer worth $1.50 as well as miscellaneous insurance cards and several entertainment passes and a credit card which triggered the alert to Kroger’s and she declined using her mobile app. The attempted charge was for $1,517.85.

• Victim 4 – A front passenger side window was smashed in the vehicle, but no items were taken.

• Victim 5 – Front passenger side window shattered and reported missing were a Star Wars purse valued at $50 and a change container valued at $20.

• Victim 6 – Rear passenger side window shattered with a black and gold leather Coach purse valued at $200, a pink and black leather Coach wallet valued at $75, a bank checkbook and Letscom wireless earbuds valued at $23 all taken.

Written statements were provided by all the victims and the officer photographed the damage to the vehicles. No useful video surveillance was available and no witnesses to the incident were located.

A sergeant responding to the Kroger store was able to view video of two men attempting to make gift card transactions at a self-checkout at approximately 2:15 and 2:20 p.m. He was to receive a copy of the video later.

The suspects were described as black males. One was wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts, white tennis shoes and a black face mask with a white towel draped around his neck. The second was described as wearing a white t-shirt, grey pants, black shoes with white trim and light-colored facemask.

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