Panda Express adds first-ever dessert to menu

Credit: Panda Express

Credit: Panda Express

Panda Express customers can now indulge in a dessert at the American Chinese restaurants — a first.

An Apple Pie Roll has been introduced on the menu in celebration of Panda Express turning 40 years old. The Apple Pie Roll is “a combination of juicy apples, fall spices, and cinnamon sugar like a classic American apple pie and wrapped in a crispy and flaky wonton wrapper, like a quintessential Chinese egg roll,” the company said in a news release.

“As we reflect upon Panda Express’s forty-year journey, we are incredibly grateful for our pioneers that paved the way for Panda to create and popularize American Chinese food, and for our guests and communities for their embrace of our cuisine,” said Andrea Cherng, chief brand officer. “In celebration of Panda Express’s 40th birthday, we are introducing what we hope to be the next beloved American Chinese classic, Apple Pie Roll, our first-ever dessert and a sweet and fun celebration of our American and Chinese origins.”

Panda Express has more than 50,000 associates at 2,500 locations globally, the company said in the release. It continues to be a family operated business.

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