Oxford store offers clothing to candles for all ages

For over 20 years, one shop has been a mainstay on Oxford’s High Street, offering everything from clothing to candles to generations of college students and full-time Oxford residents. Juniper, owned by Tamar Lask, has helped create memories, like supplying an outfit perfect for a night.

Lask, who owns Juniper with her husband, describes the business as “a store where all ages can find something to love,” and this is clear just from walking through the door. Just some of the affordable offerings include jewelry such as fun earrings and sterling silver rings, going-out clothes, and gifts like funny socks, mugs, and candles. Juniper is also known for a significant cosmetics and skincare department known as the cosmetique, located in the back of the store.

The products in the cosmetique, which range from lotions to perfumes to lip stain, are affordable, high-quality, and American-made.

“We offer many styles to fit different tastes and budgets,” Lask said. “We try hard to offer quality products at affordable prices.”

Aside from the eclectic offerings, what sets Juniper apart, in Lask’s view, is the customer service. Providing all customers a top-notch experience is paramount to Lask, and she teaches her employees how to go above and beyond and anticipate the customer’s needs.

Lask said, “When I train a new employee I always say to them, ‘What makes Juniper different from shopping online? You.’”

To Lask, part of customer service involves connecting with customers outside of the store, especially in the age of online shopping. Juniper has embraced the age of social media and created an online presence. The store has a monthly contest called #ViewsintheVault, where customers can take pictures in the fitting room (located in a bank vault) and tag Juniper on Instagram or Facebook (both handles are JuniperStyle) for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Lask’s favorite part of running Juniper is getting to interact with both customers and employees.

“I enjoy giving high schoolers their first job, sending Miami students off into the world with a better grasp of what is necessary for success in the ‘real world,’” Lask said, “but mostly I enjoy talking to the interesting people who come from near and far to shop at Juniper.”

Juniper is located at 9 E. High St. in Oxford. It is open from 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m. from Monday through Saturday and from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday.

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