Stolen Oxford packages found at Hueston Woods park

Credit: File photo

Credit: File photo

An officer of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources discovered a pile of trash in Hueston Woods State Park and found it to include empty delivery packages from various locations in the city of Oxford. He contacted one of the people whose name was found on the packaging and learned it had been stolen from the porch and contacted police.

The officer contacted the victim, who said he was in the process of moving in from another state. He said he had learned three packages were stolen and the packaging and empty boxes found at the park.

An air mattress had been delivered at 11:22 a.m. the day before but also missing were a blanket and Spectrum router equipment. Those final two items were apparently delivered the day earlier or that day.

He then filed a theft report once he was aware of the losses. The debris at Hueston Woods also contained packaging from two other local addresses, both on Northridge Drive. There was no answer at either of those addresses but the officer was going to attempt a follow up for them.

This information is from a recent Oxford Police report.

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