Oxford may have some of the most expensive gas in the county

Gas prices for the Fourth of July may be higher in Oxford than many other parts of Butler County, but still — albeit by just a few cents — below the national average.

The price per gallon at the gas stations in Oxford is roughly $2.84, according to GasBuddy. This is higher than the average price in the Dayton area of $2.72 but still below the national average of $2.90.

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Locals are still annoyed by the increase.

“It wasn’t long ago that we were paying $2.19 a gallon,” said Oxford resident John Groom.

GasBuddy, a national watchdog of gas prices, recently reported that after five-straight weeks of prices dropping, “gas prices are likely to increase again ahead of July 4.” The company uses crowd-sourced information from customers to provide real-time updates of gas prices across the country.

Many factors are leading to the recent increase in gas prices, according to GasBuddy. Oil is trading at over $74 per barrel, the highest price on the market since 2014. The U.S. is exporting a record amount of oil but still importing nearly twice as much. Some consumers blame foreign providers like OPEC for the current prices.

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“We should be able to get our own gas from our own country,” said Liberty resident Tara Hertel.

GasBuddy and other outlets also point to U.S. sanctions against Iran and Venezuela as possible causes for the price increase.

With high prices everywhere, many people look for savings where they can. Prices can vary by up to $0.20 between stations and between days, leading some to drive out of their way for a lower price.

John Groom takes advantage of fuel points and gift cards to shave cents off the gallon at his regular stations.

“I try to fill up at those places that I know will be cheaper,” he said.

Last year’s prices on the Fourth of July were $2.22 per gallon, the lowest on that day in a decade. This year, the expected average on the 4th will be the highest since 2014. Nationally, gas prices since May have been at their highest point in three years.

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