Oxford Coffee Company offers coffee from around the world

Online retailer’s founder has authored a book on coffee.

Described on its website as “Oxford’s first and finest roastery” and run by an expert, Oxford Coffee Company allows coffee aficionados to travel the world without leaving the kitchen. The approach came out of a time when travel wasn’t an option.

One could say coffee is in Oxford Coffee Company founder Robert Thurston’s blood. It’s not a stretch to say the historian, coffee expert, former Miami University professor and author of “Coffee: From Bean to Barista” literally wrote the book on coffee. It was hardly a grand leap for him to make his living with his area of expertise.

“My dad envisioned the business after developing a passion for coffee roasting and traveling the world touring coffee farms,” said Lara Thurston, Robert’s daughter and the manager and part-owner of Oxford Coffee Company.

Oxford Coffee Company is a strictly online retailer.

It sells coffee from all over the world, from Ethiopia to Colombia to India and more, and seasonal blends, as well as loose leaf and bagged tea and brewing equipment. Customers can bring a coffee-shop experience to their own home. There is also a Coffee of the Month Club, which offers discounts and flexible plans, to further personalize the experience.

“Our company is exceptional because once a customer places an order, we roast and deliver or ship within 24 hours (on business days), providing the customer with the freshest possible coffee,” Lara Thurston said.

Oxford Coffee Company opened on Christmas Eve 2012, and Lara Thurston has been with it since its inception. Before the pandemic, it was also a café, but like many businesses, it shut its doors in 2020.

Oxford Coffee Company adapted, becoming a strictly online retailer offering no-contact delivery and shipping, and though COVID restrictions have eased, this feature remains. Despite an approach that some may consider impersonal, Thurston is still able to interact with customers online, at in-person pick-ups, and events they attend.

Orders can be placed at oxfordcoffee.com.

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