Readers on Lochte

Quite a bit of email came in about U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s Rio shenanigans.

From Jerry Ramsey: "When someone holds a gun on you and demands money, it is robbery. … The security guard should be fined instead of the swimmers."

From Jane Houser: "Maybe this will be a turning point in his life to be a more responsible person, to learn that one night of poor choices have led to consequences. Thankfully in life we are given second chances."

From this, from another reader: "Representing the U.S. in the Olympics is a privelege. Lochte and the others dishonored themselves and their country. Athletic ability does not trump basic values of honesty and virtue. How can others be sanctioned for doping, if Lochte's actions are given a pass? I think the Olympic Committees should consider pulling the medals. Our political leaders should be held to a comparable standard."

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