Lochte’s Olympic tarnish

We can’t get enough Ryan Lochte, it seems. This came in from reader Ed Moore.

“The United States garnered 121 Olympic medals, 46 of which were gold, and told the world we were indeed a nation of winners. Names that resounded internationally were Biles and Raisman in gymnastics, Ledecky and Phelps swimming, Felix in track. So many others excelled in individual and team events.

“Though covered extensively by the media, those are not the names that continue to make headlines. No, that distinction belongs to a privileged, over-aged frat boy who thought Rio was his personal spring-fling venue.

“After this scandalous behavior, there were fabrications, regrets and finally, an apology. Evidently, Speedo, Ralph Lauren and others were not satisfied and terminated sponsorships. Does the punishment fit the crime? When so many stars shone so brightly, one badly tarnished image must not become the focus. A price must be paid.”

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