Dylan snubs the Nobel

We shared our delight recently about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, and so here’s a followup: He’s apparently snubbing the award.

The New York Times reports that Dylan has basically ignored his win, deleting mention of the Nobel from his website, and failing to return the Swedish prize committee’s calls. “And the Swedes, who are used to a lot more gratitude from their laureates, appear to be losing their patience: One member of the Academy has called Mr. Dylan’s behavior ‘impolite and arrogant,’” the paper wrote.

“There is a good deal of poetic justice in this,” the Times says. “Ever since Toni Morrison won the Nobel in 1993, the committee acted as if American literature did not exist — and now an American is acting as if the Nobel committee doesn’t exist. … No one knows what he intends — Mr. Dylan has always been hard to interpret, which is one reason people love him.”

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