Old copper will find new life in city of Hamilton

The old copper from the Soldiers Sailors and Pioneers monument in downtown Hamilton isn’t headed for the scrap yard.

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Parts of it will go into a sculpture a developer plans to erect at the new downtown Hamilton apartment complex across from the Marriott Hotel and under-construction Marcum Park.

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“They are commissioning a signature sculpture for the site and will use re-purposed materials honoring Hamilton’s industrial past,” Butler County Community Development Manager Desmond Maaytah said.

The Hamilton Special Improvement District Board — the group comprised of High Street property owners charged with making sure the main thoroughfare through Hamilton is kept up — is also considering using the old copper to make Christmas tree ornaments shaped like the top of the monument, which features Billy Yank, and possibly a larger version that could be displayed at the Government Services Center.

Butler County Development Director David Fehr, who is the county’s representative on the SID board, said he mentioned the new dome at the last board meeting and members liked the idea of keeping a part of history.

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