New restaurant coming to Hamilton will feed your sushi fix

In coming months — perhaps as early as late September — a new Asian-American “gastro-pub-esque” restaurant will open in the former Ryan’s Tavern space on High Street.

The establishment will be called Basil 1791. Basil Asian Bistro is the name of three existing restaurants owned by the same group in northeastern Ohio, and 1791 is a nod to the year Fort Hamilton was completed.

Tony Ly, operator of the restaurant, said Basil 1791 will feature “a predominantly pan-Asian menu,” including sushi.

“Asian food is, for lack of a better term, always timely,” Ly said. “At this point, it’s almost a comfort food.”

At Basil 1791, “You will see a lot of dishes you’re familiar with, hamburgers for one,” Ly said. “But you’re going to see a lot of play-offs, with a lot of Asian-influenced things. For example, don’t be surprised if you see pierogis on the menu, with an Asian spin on it.”

“We knew we wanted to do another Basil, and the city really was looking forward to a pan-Asian menu, especially sushi,” he said. “But seeing how the space laid out, especially with that banquet hall on the second floor, I thought maybe it was time to try something a little bit different.”

“Ultimately, it’s our guests who decide what they really enjoy, but we really want to push the envelope here, and I think Hamilton’s ready for that,” Ly said.

Aside from the restaurant itself, one thing that excites city officials and nearby businesses is the fact the restaurant will have outdoor dining: A construction crew recently installed a garage door that will link the restaurant to tables with 30 to 40 seats for an area that will be surrounded by planters.

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