New parks planned as part of Hamilton River Plan

There already are seven parks within the area along the Great Miami River that planners and residents examined while creating the Hamilton River Plan that Hamilton City Council approved Wednesday.

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But the plan proposes more, and improved, parks also be developed. Officials have said it could take years to finance and create the various projects.

Here are envisioned parks and other additions, from north to south:

A plan for Combs Park, along the river's western shore, near Webster Avenue, already has been created by the Hamilton Parks Conservancy. That plan includes removing honeysuckle from wooded areas and replacing it with native species, as well as new access from B Street and an upgraded boat ramp.

A new Confluence Park Hub, to be located on the river's eastern shoreline, immediately north of the Black Street Bridge, between North 3rd Street and the river. For that area, planners proposed a "Confluence Park Hub" that would include the proposed Confluence Park, a new housing development, and a North 3rd Street multi-use parking lot.

The proposed Confluence area is just upriver, but on the opposite shore from the proposed Spooky Nook at Champion Mill, a gigantic $160 million indoor sports complex that officials believe can draw 1 million athletes and their families from as far as a 3-hour drive each year. That project is expected to break ground later this year.

A West Riverfront Hub, located along the river's western shoreline, between the High/Main Bridge and the proposed Spooky Nook complex along North B Street. The hub area is to include a West Riverfront Park as well as "portals" — the term planners use for overlooks onto the river or connections to it — as well as housing developments that will fill in gaps along North B Street and a Champion Boating Center.

A Marcum Park portal, located at the existing park, which includes the RiversEdge amphitheater along the river.

A portal and expanded parking lot for the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, located along the river's eastern shore, just south of High Street.

A new promenade and fill-in-the-gaps housing along A Street, which is along the river's western shore, south of Main Street, and north of New London Road. Also proposed are portals linking Franklin and Millikin streets with the river.

More attractive streets and sidewalks along Neilan Boulevard, north of Pershing Avenue, to make walking to the river more attractive.

There also would be a Bark Park Portal connecting what the plan calls Bark Park (located at Veterans Park) at New London Road and B Street, with the river.

Also planned is another portal connecting the river with Foundation Field at Knightsbridge Drive and Neilan Boulevard, where the Hamilton Joes play baseball.

On the western shore, near Carriage Hill Lane (several blocks south of New London Road), officials envision "a mixed-use village development," and a portal to the river.

Another portal is proposed further downriver, linking Miami University's Hamilton campus with the river.

The Miami Conservancy District is completing a plan for Ponds Park, north of Fairview Avenue along the river's eastern shoreline. The conservancy district built and maintains the flood levees along the river, and also owns land and dams along the river.

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