New jobs: Ford is testing new positions at its local plant, and here’s how you can get them

Ford is hiring for its Sharonville plant, which is less that three miles south of Butler County’s border with Hamilton County.

Employees at Ford’s Sharonville Transmission Plant, an 182-acre site, make the transmission for the F-Series Super Duty Truck and gear sets for additional models, as well as production for a new transmission family and additional gear sets for other vehicles.

Constructed in 1958, the plant employs approximately 1,650 people, including 1,450 full-time hourly employees, according to Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker.


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“We are currently looking to hire temporary part-time employees to work on transmission and gear manufacturing,” Felker told this news outlet. “We are looking for people who are willing to work hard and excited about learning new skills.”

The plant’s goal is to test about 250 people for approximately 100 new positions, according to Melissa O’Brien, business services manager of OhioMeansJobs-Butler County, which last conducted a hiring for the company in spring 2016.

Working for Ford, Sharonville’s largest employer, means an opportunity for “long-term stability,” O’Brien said.

“They’re a big, well-known company (and) you can transfer within the company,” she said. “They’ve got plants all over, so you’ve got relocation availability, as well.”

The only way to apply to be tested is via filling out a form at OhioMeansJobs-Butler County at 4631 Dixie Highway in Fairfield no later than 8 a.m. Wednesday.

As Sharonville’s largest employer, Ford’s announcement is a direct reflection of the region’s superior workforce, according to Chris Xeil Lyons, economic development director for Sharonville.

“We are proud that global leaders, like Ford Motor Company, continue to invest in city of Sharonville,” she said. “The increase in jobs and recent investments is an tremendous asset to our growing, diverse economic base and we’re excited for the Ford’s future growth in our community.”

The U.S. auto sales run started after the recession in 2010 and included two consecutive years of record sales. Those sales dipped in 2017 when 17.2 million vehicles sold compared to 2016, which saw 17.55 million vehicles sold.

Ford overview of characteristics of hourly production jobs at its manufacturing facilities emphasizes several traits, including a willingness and ability to work on the assigned schedule, maintain good attendance, perform manual work, learn and remember the steps involved in performing a job, keep up with the pace of the work, understand and follow instructions, perceive differences in details, pay close attention to the work and not lose concentration or focus and work in a team environment.

“At Ford Motor Company, we are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling high quality vehicles that meet the diverse needs of our customers,” reads the overview. “We believe our employees and the different perspectives that they bring to the business are the driving force behind our success.”

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