Fatal standoff in Trenton: Woman was concerned ex-husband was getting out of jail, neighbor says

1 person is dead after a hostage situation in Trenton.

A neighbor who was recently at the home where a woman was killed today said there may have been cause for concern.

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Michael South, who lives on Sal Boulevard, said while at a yard sale at the home, a woman told him she was worried her soon-to-be ex-husband was going to be released from jail.

There were at least two hostages inside the home today: one woman was able to escape and an “elderly woman” was killed, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said.

South said he heard “several gunshots” outside his apartment today. At first, he thought the gunshots were firecrackers.

Watch the video above for more on what South said he saw as gunshots rang out.

Another neighbor who lives in a nearby apartment said she heard two gunshots and then saw police run toward the house.

The mother of three young children said it was “a very weird situation” throughout the morning on Sal Boulevard.

She said the SWAT team responded last month to a nearby apartment.

The woman said she plans to move as soon as possible.

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