Netflix New Year's Eve countdowns allow kids to celebrate in time for bed

Credit: Covi/Pixabay

Credit: Covi/Pixabay

Netflix is offering prerecorded New Year's Eve "countdowns" for parents who want their young ones to experience the fun of ringing in 2019 without staying up past their bedtime.

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The video streaming service rolled out 14 kid-friendly countdowns that feature characters from popular shows, according to a statement from Netflix. Now the youngest members of the family can have their own kid-friendly countdown at anytime of the night -- or day.

Netflix has offered the countdowns in the past, but the change this year is that there are now options for a tween audience. Kids ages 7 to 10 can enjoy countdowns with characters from "Prince of Peoria," "Alexa & Katie" and "Fuller House."

Younger children can watch countdowns with characters from animated shows like "Pinky Malinky," "Super Monsters," "Boss Baby" and "Motown Magic."

Netflix is catering to a demographic of parents who keep New Year's Eve celebrations at home. According to research from youth marketing firm YPulse, 77 percent of parents prefer staying in to going out on New Year's Eve, and 74 percent of parents allow kids to stay up a little later than usual to celebrate the new year.

Simply search "countdown" in the Netflix search bar to access the New Year's Eve specials at any desired time.

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