A Nebraska man was taken off life support -- then woke up

A Nebraska man who was nearly brain dead a few weeks ago stunned doctors and his family when he was taken off life support -- and woke up.

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Now, T. Scott Marr’s family is calling him “miracle man.” On Dec. 12 -- a day after his 61st birthday -- Marr was found unresponsive in his home and was taken to a hospital. A CT scan revealed swelling in the left side of his brain doctors said was likely caused by a stroke.

Marr was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit and his condition worsened. He was put on a breathing machine.

"We thought that this wasn't a recoverable process," Dr. Rebecca Runge told KETV-TV.

Marr’s family was told to prepare for the worst. His children chose to remove his ventilator and began to make arrangements for his cremation.

On Dec. 14, Marr’s children went to visit him one last time.

"When we got up there, I went in just to talk to him, like I have been this whole time, and said, 'Hi Dad.' He smiled at me, and I literally thought I was dreaming. It was the craziest moment ever," said Marr's daughter, Preston Marr. "I asked him to move his thumbs, and he slowly moved his thumbs, and I asked him to wiggle his toes, and he wiggled all his toes really slightly. I literally had to rub my eyes to make sure it was actually happening."

To everyone’s surprise, Scott Marr regained consciousness. He started to improve and was diagnosed with posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, or PRES.

The severe swelling Scott Marr experienced isn't usually a symptom of PRES, which is why doctors suspected a stroke, Runge told the Omaha World-Herald.

Scott Marr began physical therapy to gain his strength back. He was able to leave the hospital and return home Thursday. He’ll continue outpatient therapy to improve short-term memory and multitasking.

Now the former sports announcer is counting his blessings.

"This whole thing has been a miracle from God,” he said.

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