Motorcyclist reaches nearly 90 mph before crashing in Butler County pursuit

A motorcyclist speeding in Oxford June 14 ignored a police officer pursuing him and reached greater speeds in an attempt to get away but ended up crashing into a yard and fleeing a short distance on foot before surrendering.

The officer was operating radar in the 4300 block of Kehr Road at 11:11 p.m. when he clocked the motorcycle traveling 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. He pulled into the roadway to get behind it heading southbound. The report noted the officer had initiated the emergency lights and siren, but the motorcycle accelerated reaching a speed of 88 mph.

The operator lost control and the motorcycle slid and spun in the opposite direction in a yard after going through a ditch. The officer blocked his attempt to get the motorcycle back upright and to escape again so he dropped the motorcycle and fled on foot. While running, the man took off his jacket and threw it down but after approximately 500 feet, stopped and laid down in a prone position.

The jacket was recovered and inside was found a black cylinder container with a white crystal substance, four tablets and a baggie, also with white crystal substance.

The license plate on the motorcycle was found to belong to another motorcycle belonging to a Miami student. An attempt to contact the student was unsuccessful. The suspect complained of knee and ankle pain and the Reily EMS responded to take him to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. He was found to have only abrasions and released. He was taken to the police department for processing.

He was charged with speed, expired driver’s license, fictitious license plate, no motorcycle endorsement and operating without reasonable control. He was also charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer and taken to the Butler County Jail. The suspected narcotics were tagged into property to be sent to the lab for analysis. Other charges are pending those results.

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