More than 580 registered sex offenders live in Butler County, sheriff’s annual check shows

On Wednesday, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office conducted its annual inspection and mass check of registered sex offender compliance.

Sheriff Richard Jones said he takes extreme precautions when it comes to registered sex offenders. Although periodically throughout the year checks are made on registered sex offenders, annually, teams are organized to conduct a mass verification of offenders living in the community.

As of Wednesday, more than 580 registered sex offenders were living in Butler County. Teams conducted verifications throughout the day. Of the 100 verifications, conducted four were not compliant and will be investigated by the Sex Offender Registrations and Notification Division.

“It is vital to keep track of these people, so they do not re-offend, ” Jones said.

To learn more about registered sex offenders in Butler County, go to website and click SORN. Residents may check if offenders are living near them, as well as register for notifications if an offender moves nearby.

The verification operation happened following the department’s annual uniform inspection on sworn personnel to assure deputies maintain a professional image and are properly equipped to serve the community. The Sheriff runs a paramilitary operation to make certain uniforms are pressed, shoes are shined and grooming is up to policy standard.

Patrol units are also inspected for cleanliness and to verify all equipment is operational.

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