Monroe patrol officers, sergeants get raises with new police contract

Monroe police patrol officers and sergeants recently completed a new three-year contract.

City Council recently approved the new contract with the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association that is retroactive to June 1, 2020 and expires May 31, 2022. The union represents the patrol officers and sergeant’s units.

Police Chief Bob Buchanan said the city has 36 sworn officers, including 21 patrol officers and four sergeants. One of the sergeants is assigned to oversee detectives.

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According to the contracts, patrol officers and sergeants will receive 3% raises for 2020 and 2021, and a 3.5% percent raise in 2022.

Other changes in the contract include:

  • Changing the percentages and weights in the promotion process to sergeant. The scoring for a candidate seeking to become a sergeant will be based on 50% for the written exam; 40% for the assessment process done by an impartial outside agency; and 10% for the administrative interview. No extra points will be granted for seniority. An officer will be promoted from any of the three highest final scores submitted.
  • A change in how officers and sergeants can accrue and use compensatory time up to a maximum of 50 hours. Comp time can be cashed out anytime during the year instead of prior to Nov. 1 of each calendar year.
  • A change to the vacation policy with an increase in the total number of hours from between five and 10.5 hours a year, depending on the officer’s tenure with the department. In addition, officers can submit for vacation buy-back up to 85 hours.
  • Officers will also have two more personal days, up to 17 hours a year.
  • In addition, officers will accrue sick leave at a rate of 10.62 hours a month, up from 10 hours a month.

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