Monroe takes next step in allowing council members to carry guns at meetings

Monroe may become the first community in Butler County to allow its elected leaders to carry guns at meetings.

On Tuesday, council will hear a first reading to authorize its members with valid concealed carry permits to carry a concealed weapon during council meetings and other council committee meetings at specific city-owned facilities.

According to the proposed resolution, “it is the opinion of City Council that they are susceptible to criminal attack during meetings of Council and meetings of Council committees …”

FIRST REPORT: Butler County leaders want to carry concealed weapons at meetings

State law “authorizes a governing body with authority over a government facility of a political subdivision to permit a licensee to carry a concealed handgun into such building.”

The city’s proposed resolution does contain exceptions tailored to the City Building at 233 S. Main St.:

  • council members cannot conceal carry a weapon in Council Chambers while Mayor's Court is in session
  • council members cannot conceal carry a weapon inside the part of the building where the Monroe Police Department is located
  • if the police department is someday relocated, council members cannot carry a concealed weapon into the future police facility.

“This is exactly how I wanted this,” Councilman Todd Hickman told this news outlet. “You never know, but I’m confident this will pass.”

Five of Monroe’s seven council members are CCW permit holders, and a sixth council member is in the process of obtaining a CCW permit, according to Hickman.

Hickman raised the issue several weeks ago after seeing police officers assigned to a session of Monroe Mayor’s Court as a precautionary measure for a case being heard. City Council meets in the same room that serves as the courtroom shortly after court is adjourned for the evening.

Monroe City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, at the Monroe City Building.

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