Mom-turned-cold case advocate expands unsolved cases posters throughout southwest Ohio

Nearly 14 years ago, Hope Dudley’s son was killed in a drive-by shooting in Hamilton County and that grief awoke the activist in her and made it her mission to make sure no one forgets unsolved cases.

Dudley founded the group UCanSpeakForMe, using posters, flyers and playing cards depicting victims that are distributed in prisons and jails, along with any public location that might catch the eye of someone with information.

In 2017, she expanded her mission to include Butler County cases and has now expanded to Montgomery County in an effort to help generate information to solve cold cases throughout the Cincinnati/Dayton corridor.

A retiring Dayton detective returned some cards to Dudley featuring Montgomery County cases that were not utilized in jails and she has created three posters, one that also includes some Butler County unsolved homicide and missing persons cases.

“We know people travel the Cincinnati/Dayton corridor often and someone in Hamilton or Butler County may have information about a case in Montgomery County. We want to get the word out and make sure people see the faces of victims. I can tell you someone was murdered, but seeing their face changes everything,” Dudley said.

She knows first hand the pain families go through waiting for a loved one’s case to be solved because her son, Daniel “Chaz” Dudley’s homicide remains unsolved.

“We all know that the sensational headlines of tragic homicides fade over time. Police will begin investigating the newest criminal activities. But we the families still remember. Every birthday passes. Every holiday missed. There is always an empty chair at the table. Those that have committed these heinous crimes have altered the lives of many family members and friends. Wherever these criminals may be I am sure they feel they have gotten away with their cowardice acts. UCanSpeakForMe will use whatever legal tools available to find these unconscionable offences. Our mission is to discover closure and justice for families by working with local law enforcement,” Dudley said.

Dudley said anyone interested in a poster can contact her at 513-404-3063 or on her Facebook page.

For more information, contact the Dayton Police Department Information Officer of Media Coordinator at 937-333-1201. If you have information regarding one of the victims on the posters call Miami Valley Crime Stoppers Tip Hotline at 931-222-7867.

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