Middletown taught CPR to sixth-graders as part of this ‘inside look’ camp

About 40 students entering the sixth grade in the Middletown City School District had the opportunity to participate in the city’s first Fire Camp.

Fire Capt. Jon Harvey said the two-day fire camp was an opportunity for the Division of Fire to work with the city schools and “encourage kids to become leaders and to get them out of their comfort zones.”

The camp was a partnership among the Division of Fire, Middletown schools and the Community Building Institute Middletown, which reached out to the community for donations to cover the costs of the camp including lunches, T-shirts and other supplies. Each of the students received a participation certificate as they got an an inside look at the fire service.

Harvey said each of the elementary school principals recommended several students who were in need of positive summer enrichment and character development to attend the free camp.

The camp focused on positive behaviors, good decision-making, team building, peer communication, civic engagement, and physical activity while providing a fun and exploratory environment, officials said. Participants were also taught about the duties of a firefighter/paramedic. The camp is designed to help students gather tools for a positive transition to the sixth grade.

Harvey said the students also learned how to put out fires, try on fire gear, how to get out of a building on fire, first aid and CPR.

He said the camp also featured a fun event, a kickball game between the students and the firefighters.

“This was a really good event and the kids really enjoyed themselves,” Harvey said. “We hope they learned something.”

He also hopes the fire camp will spark some interest about a fire service career.

“I’d really like to see more Middletown kids go into the fire service,” Harvey said.

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