Middletown Steak ‘n Shake still closed as suspension remains in effect

After a two-week suspension, the Middletown’s Steak ‘n Shake remains closed.

That’s because the restaurant’s food service license suspension remains in effect until all requirements are completed, according to the Middletown City Board of Health

An appeal hearing was held April 9 following two previous pre-administrative hearings due to multiple failed inspections at the restaurant at 3170 Towne Blvd.. Between July 2017 and March 2019, there have been 21 inspections and a total of 296 violations with 36 listed as critical violations and the other 260 violations were non-critical.

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According to the letter from the city Board of Health, in order to lift the suspension, the restaurant must take these steps:

• All food employees must obtain person-in-charge certification.

• Documentation of completed training must be submitted to the City of Middletown Health Department

• At least one manager must obtain managers certification in food protection.

• Documentation of competed training must be submitted to the City of Middletown Health Department.

• The entire facility’s floors, walls, ceiling and equipment must be cleaned.

• The new Alto-Shaam, a commercial oven that cooks food quickly and keeps it hot, must be in place.

• The facility must provide and maintain a cleaning schedule/log and submit it to the health department for approval.

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The 621-unit Steak ‘n Shake chain operates 12 restaurants in Butler, Warren, Hamilton and Clermont counties. Ten of them were temporarily closed in late March while locations in Hamilton and West Chester were closed in late January.

The Indianapolis-based chain also operates nine restaurants in the Dayton-Springfield area.