Middletown planning $3.7M in local paving projects in 2020 budget

Middletown’s 2020 non-public safety general fund budget includes $3.7 million for paving projects throughout the city.

City Manager Doug Adkins presented the non-public safety general fund budget to Middletown City Council at its Oct. 1 meeting.

Adkins said this year’s non-public safety budget will be more than $9.88 million of the city’s overall $33.55 million general fund budget. The 2019 overall general fund budget was more than $31,590,170.

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Adkins said the city will contract more than $3.35 million in paving projects with $1.4 million from the general capital fund, $250,000 from the storm water capital fund, $1 million from the auto and gas tax fund, which also includes the increases from the new state gas tax that went into effect this summer, and $700,000 in assessments for sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

The following streets have been identified for paving:

  • Bonita Drive, between Roosevelt and Breiel boulevards
  • Elsmere Street between Van Avenue and Crescent Boulevard
  • Burton Road between Central and Grand avenues
  • Gladys Drive between Sherman and Grand avenues
  • Calumet Avenue between Yankee Road and Garfield Street
  • McGee Avenue between McKnight Drive and Dorset Drive
  • Casper Avenue between Carmody Boulevard and Main Street
  • 16th Avenue between Main and Ohio streets
  • Central Avenue between Carmody Boulevard and Main Street
  • Vermont Street between 17th Avenue and dead-end
  • Dorset Drive between McGee and Grand avenues
  • 11th Avenue between Main and Lincoln streets

In addition to those streets, the city is setting aside an additional $500,000 for paving to be determined.

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City street crews will be doing about $300,000 in street paving that will be funded from the auto and gas fund.

Those streets include Antrim Court, Court Donegal, Galway Circle and Helton Drive between Bonita Drive and East Street.

The city will be involved with the $2.05 million bridge rehabilitation and paving project on South University Boulevard which also includes $800,000 funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Additional infrastructure projects planned for 2020 include:

  • Gateway enhancements at the Interstate 75 interchange: $75,000
  • City Building South Pavers: $ 100,000
  • University Bridge Rehab Design: $ 1.55 million
  • Bike path connection to Franklin: $ 160,000
  • Traffic, parks and buildings: $ 217,000

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