Middletown market expands with new delivery service: How to order local

Credit: Chelsea Hall

Credit: Chelsea Hall

Vitori’s Market in Middletown has added delivery to its services through a new deal with the service Mercato.

“We’ve had a good amount of traffic coming in and out of Vitori’s Market, but a lot of people have gotten used to shopping online,” said Ami Vitori, who owns the market with her family.

Vitori’s Market is located inside the Torchlight Pass building at 1131 Central Avenue in Middletown. The market sells a combination of staples and essentials, like milk, eggs, cereal, cheese and bread, to Gracie’s specialties like a Sandwich of the Day for $6.99. The specialty sandwiches have been popular and usually sell out each day, Vitori said.

Additionally, Vitori’s Market carries products from other local vendors and artisans, such as Organic Gardens by Meg, Monee Rose, and Tina’s Sweet Treats, among others. The market also stocks coffee, beers, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

“We really carry the gamut of everything,” Vitori said.

Vitori’s grandparents, Nick and Grace, owned a market of the same name until 2007, which was started by her great-grandfather, Pasquale Vitori, in the 1920s. Vitori said she used to work in her grandparents’ market as a child. Gracie’s is also named after Vitori’s grandmother, Grace.

“We’ve seen the trends that people who have been ordering groceries online seem to like it, and the delivery aspect is becoming more a part of everyday life, so I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get groceries from Vitori’s Market to people. This new platform is the way to do it, and there’s no one in our area using it yet,” Vitori said.

Customers go online to www.mercato.com/shop/vitoris-market, select their groceries, and choose a delivery time. Mercato.com will service customers in all the neighboring ZIP codes of Vitori’s Market, within a 20-mile radius, including Trenton, Monroe, Franklin, and Carlisle.

Vitori said this is a way to continue to support local businesses. Many customers also enjoy the experience of shopping in a family-owned business and creating connections with their neighbors and other community members.

“I hope to keep growing, and adding more inventory, even expanding the size of the market, potentially, so that we keep meeting the needs of the neighborhood,” Vitori said.

Hours for curbside pick-up and delivery are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The storefront location of the market is open for walk-in shopping from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.

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