Middletown fire union donates T-shirt money to Atrium’s mammography program

Nearly 2,000 mammograms were performed on Atrium’s mobile mammography coach last year.

For the fifth year, the Middletown Division of Fire IAFF Local 336 has donated money to Atrium Medical Center to help women who are uninsured or otherwise can’t afford the cost of mammograms.

The fire union recently presented a $3,401 donation that was generated through the fire department’s sale of “Fighting for a Cure” breast cancer awareness T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Ben Bultman, president of the fire union, said the health and care of women residents of Middletown remain “a priority” for the fire department.

“We are grateful to have the ability to partner with Atrium on this vital matter,” said Bultman, who added the union appreciated the hospital’s willingness to allow all employees to participate by wearing the shirts and supporting breast cancer awareness.

The donation will benefit the Middletown Area Federation of Women’s Club Endowment for women’s health. The endowment, part of Atrium Medical Center Foundation, makes it easier for women to get their annual mammogram screening with Atrium Medical Center’s mobile mammography coach that travels to businesses, public venues, and events throughout Southwest Ohio, hospital officials said.

Around 100 women a year benefit from the endowment’s efforts, receiving mammograms and support for other care needs, said Christine Pirot, Atrium Medical Center Foundation’s director of major gifts.

Rhonda Seidenschmidt, vice president of operations at Atrium and Premier Health vice president of medical imaging, said there are underserved areas in the community where women may have difficulty finding time or traveling to a health facility for screenings or affording screenings.

However, the mobile mammography coach allows the hospital to bring the service closer to more people and provide cost assistance, she said.

Since early detection is key to the treatment of breast cancer, Seidenschmidt said it’s imperative that all women have the opportunity to receive convenient mammograms.

Nearly 2,000 mammograms were performed on Atrium’s mobile mammography coach in 2022, officials said. Equipped with advanced imaging equipment, the coach offers traditional 2D and Genius 3D Mammography technology to detect breast cancer.

The mobile mammography coach is available for booking throughout the year by emailing mobilemammography@premierhealth.com.

Atrium Medical Center’s Comprehensive Women’s Center program offers a one-call link to initiating care at 513-974-5455.

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