Middletown council begins process to terminate city manager

The Middletown City Council has begun the process of removing City Manager Doug Adkins from his position.

After an hour-long executive session on Tuesday night, the council unanimously voted to invoke the City Charter’s multi-step process to remove Adkins as city manager. Council approved the preliminary resolution as an emergency measure, which took immediate effect to suspend him with pay.

When contacted by the Journal-News on Tuesday night, Adkins, 56, declined to comment on council’s decision to begin the termination process and suspension.

In the resolution, council is commencing the process as it “no longer desires to employ Douglas Adkins as City Manager because of irreconcilable differences between Council and Mr. Adkins concerning leadership style, and these differences make his continued work as City Manager untenable.”

The council will vote on Adkins’ removal at a council meeting in at least 30 days. Adkins may reply in writing and request a public hearing, which must be held between 20 and 30 days from his request.

Council also appointed Susan Cohen, administrative services director, as acting city manager.

Tuesday’s action was the latest by council related to Adkins. It required Adkins to make a public apology three weeks ago for a public outburst at a downtown coffee shop on Oct. 2. Council also gave Adkins a one-day unpaid suspension.

He was hired in September 2005 as an assistant city prosecutor. He eventually was promoted to city prosecutor and community redevelopment director before becoming city manager in June, 2014.



City Council shall appoint the City Manager for an indefinite term and may remove him by a majority vote of its members. At least thirty days before such removal shall become effective, City Council shall by a majority vote of its members adopt a preliminary resolution stating the reasons for his removal. The Manager may reply in writing and may request a public hearing, which shall be held not earlier than twenty days nor later than thirty days after the filing of such request. After such public hearing, if one is requested, and after full consideration, City Council by a majority vote of its members may adopt a final resolution of removal. By the preliminary resolution City Council may suspend the Manager from duty, but shall in any case cause to be paid him forthwith any unpaid balance of his salary and his salary for the next three calendar months following adoption of the preliminary resolution.

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