Man tells police he was attacked by 'six or seven' Miami University fraternity members at bar

Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

A man told Oxford police he was attacked by fraternity members while at a bar early Saturday morning, according to a police report.

The man making the report said he was attacked by a large group of members of a fraternity, upset that another member had been hit earlier in the evening and taken to the hospital. They were allegedly retaliating against this second man because they believed him responsible, according to the man’s statement.

He said he had been at Brick Street bar with friends when he was approached by multiple people around midnight who accused him of hitting their friend. He said he denied doing it, but they did not believe him.

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He said about 30 minutes later, four or five of them returned to confront him, this time striking him in the face multiple times before running away when the fight was broken up by bar staff. He said he told them to stop and tried to defend himself.

Two of his friends were with him at the hospital and provided witness statements. One said the group walked up to him and starting hitting him “with no hesitation” and jumped on top of him.

The other friend said six or seven men approached the victim and one of them reached over a friend’s shoulder and punched him in the face. The crowd around him grew to 15 to 20 continuously throwing punches at him.

The officer met with bar employees to review video of the incident and found someone had punched the victim by reaching over another’s shoulder and also that the crowd around him was too large to determine how many there were, due to crowding in the bar.

The officer was told he would receive a copy of the video which the officer hoped would allow identification of those involved with the possibility of charges being filed.

The report also noted the report is being treated as an assault since he had not been able to talk to anyone from the other group.

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