Worker at Hamilton Urgent Care tests positive for coronavirus

Patients from a Hamilton Urgent Care are being warned they may have been exposed to the coronavirus after a worker there tested positive for it.

Officials at the Hamilton Health Department released a statement Tuesday noting a worker at the Urgent Care of Hamilton on Brookwood Avenue has tested positive for the virus.

“We are putting this out since some patients who were potentially exposed were not able to be reached by our contact tracers,” said Kay Farrar, health commissioner for the city.

According to the statement, health officials said they are issuing the warning “out of an abundance of caution.”

“The (City of Hamilton Health Department) has contacted patients who were seen at this facility from June 30, 2020 through July 2, 2020.

“These patients may have been exposed to a positive case of COVID 19 from a staff member at this facility. If you were seen at this facility during this time frame and have not been contacted by the (health department). please call 513-785-7080.

“Patients seen at the facility who have been contacted are asked to monitor and report to the Health Department any symptoms they experience associated with COVID 19. They are, in addition, given information regarding local testing locations should they choose to be tested. The tests are free and do not require a prescription from a physician,” said health officials.

“As most are aware, the virus can be spread to others prior to the onset of any symptoms in the infected person. Also, some are asymptomatic — don’t feel sick — and only find out they have, or have had, COVID 19 when they are tested.

(Staff Writer Mike Rutledge contributed to this story)

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