Why the name Spooky Nook? 4 things to know about mega sports complex

Here are four things you probably don’t know about the proposed “Spooky Nook Sports at Champion Mill” mega sports complex in Hamilton, and the existing facility that’s already operating near Manheim, Pa.:

1. Why is it called “Spooky Nook”?

No, it’s not some Halloween fixation. The area where the existing sports complex — the largest indoor sports facility in the country — is located used to be the site of a remote train station, where the wind would make eerie sounds while passengers waited for their rides. That’s why the road the Spooky Nook sports facility is located on is called Spooky Nook Road. The complex is named after the road.

2. The company is green.

Sam Beiler, the facility’s founder, is a building rehabber who enjoys reusing materials in his project. At the Pennsylvania facility, he recycled pallets from the former flooring-materials warehouse into tables and wall coverings. Other materials were taken from buildings he restored in nearby Lancaster, Pa.

3. A salty connection.

Beiler used to own Auntie Annie’s soft pretzel company, which operates the stores you see in malls and airports. He sold it and thought he’d retire, but couldn’t stay away from the working world. He’s restored 10 buildings in the city of Lancaster. Speaking of food and drink, you won’t find unhealthy sugary drinks in the concession machines at the health-minded operation.

4. Growing attendance.

The Pennsylvania sports facility, the country’s largest, reached 1 million visitors for the year in the middle of November of 2016, its best year yet.

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