Why a prosecutor asked, ‘Do you know where your meth has been?’

An indictment of a husband and wife on drug charges Monday prompted Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell to publish a Facebook post entitled “Do you know where your meth has been.”

“Our most disgusting case of the week: State v. Casey McCary (stop reading now if you don’t won’t to be grossed out),” Fornshell wrote in the post.

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McCary, 46, is an inmate at Warren Correctional Institution and is accused of conspiring with his wife to convey into the prison 12 balloons filled with methamphetamine. McCary’s wife, co-defendant Candey McCary, 49, hid the balloons in her bra before conveying them to her husband during a visit, according to Fornshell. Casey McCary was able to swallow four of the balloons before prison officials interrupted their activities.

“Casey McCary was placed in a ‘dry cell’ to await the digestion of the balloons and the passage and recovery of the drugs. Finally, after five days, McCary passed the balloons, but immediately began eating all evidence of the passing of the balloons including the balloons themselves. After four more days, McCary passed the four balloons a second time, at which point they were recovered by prison officials,” Fornshell said in the post.

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Casey McCary has been indicted on charges of illegal conveyance of drugs into a prison, aggravated possession of drugs, possession of criminal tools and tampering with evidence.

Candey McCary has been indicted for illegal conveyance of drugs into a prison, aggravated possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools.

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