Water Tank of the Year? Yes, it’s a thing — and Butler County wants to win

Like Butler County’s newly painted water tower? You can vote for it in a national contest.

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The Butler County Water and Sewer Department has been incorporating the county’s re-branding effort in regular tank maintenance and re-coating this year. Newly promoted Director Martha Shelby says water tanks are ideal for representing the local community’s identity, and she is hoping the county’s gets national recognition.

The water tank near the U.S. 42 and Cox Road intersection in West Chester Twp. was the first tank completed with the new logo, and repainting of the water tower near Ohio 747 and Princeton Road is now underway.

The paint supplier was impressed with the results and has entered the new Cox Road water tower in the Tank of the Year contest, according to Shelby.

To vote for the Butler County water tower, visit http://tankoftheyear.tnemec.com/#tank1267.

Votes must be made before Oct. 19.

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