WATCH: 91-year-old veteran skydives in Middletown to continue amazing life story

John Henry Brown has lived an incredible life by any measure.

This weekend, columnist Rick McCrabb told the story of Brown’s military service, battling of health issues and personal life.

The latest achievement came, at age 91, skydiving in Middletown.

Watch the video above to see Brown's jump in action.

Here’s how he described it to McCrabb:

As Brown and (Start Skydiving instructor Jacob Wilhelm) inched to the edge of the airplane with Middletown Regional Airport 13,000 feet below Brown remembers Wilhelm counting, "One, Two, Three."

And they were off. Two men separated by 69 years sharing the view of a lifetime and the same goal.

"The most beautiful sight in the world," Brown said. "No windows blocking the view. It was great. My cheeks blew. It was fun."

There was a 45-second free fall, then, at 6,000 feet, the parachute opened. Brown said the parachute "jerked" them backward.

"You know it's coming," he said. "You want that jerk."

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