Two firms to lead independent investigation of Kyle Plush’s death

Two firms were chosen to lead an independent investigation of Kyle Plush’s death in Cincinnati.

The firms will investigate into how the Cincinnati Police Department “failed” Plush the day he died, according to our partners at WCPO.

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The public is not likely to be given the answers of the investigation for at least three months as the reviews are expected to be complete in late September. Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman wants the investigation kept from the public and said he’s trying to respect a family who lost a child.

Attorney Jack Greiner disagreed with Smitherman’s reasoning.

“We know who was involved,” said Greiner, “We know who the people are. It’s not a situation of witnesses not coming forward or anything. It makes no sense to not allow the citizens to really see how this is progressing.”

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One firm, 21st Century Policing will focus on the police department’s response, policies and procedures, Acting City Manager Patrick Duhaney said Monday. Mission Critical Partners will focus on the 911 center, said Duhaney.

Duhaney promised better technology, training and changes to procedure in the wake of Plush’s death.

City IT Director Jayson Dunn replaced police Capt. James Gramke as day-to-day manager at the 911 center last week. Duhaney said this was temporary while technology problems were fixed.

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Plush, 16, suffocated inside his minivan outside the Seven Hills School April 10. He made two 911 calls, but Cincinnati police officers sent to the school never found him.

Plush’s father found his body several hours later.

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