6 things to know about one of Hamilton’s newest restaurants, Dean’s Grill

Dean’s Grill at 2535 Pleasant Ave. in Hamilton’s Lindenwald neighborhood offers American and Mediterranean cuisine.


Here are six things to know about the new eatery:

1) It’s not the first go-round for its owners

Dean’s Grill is owned by Mo Abubakr and Al Alfrookh, two former college buddies who opened Patrick’s Family Restaurant on Ohio 128 in Cleves in 2015. Abubakr, who has lived in Hamilton for eight years, previously owned a wireless carrier brand business on the city’s west side before opting to open Patrick’s.

2) It’s also known as Dean’s Fish & Chicken

Observant customers will notice the place has signs that say “Dean’s Grill” and others that say “Dean’s Fish & Chicken.” So which is it?

Both. Abubakr said he and Alfrookh wanted to highlight the affordability of the place and figured that only putting “Dean’s Grill” outside might lead people to believe that menu items were high-priced and focused solely on meat-based dishes.

3) Menu items are typically less than $7.49

A majority of the menu items at Dean’s Grill are $7.49 or less including a wide array of burgers, wings, Philly cheesesteak, felafel, shawarma, gyros, sandwiches and other dishes.

Seafood options include cod, whiting fish, catfish fillet, tilapia and shrimp basket.

A Sunday buffet that offers fried fish, fried chicken, red meat, rice, green beans and mashed potatoes costs $9.99.

4) It looks different than its former tenant

Abubakr said he and Alfrookh invested almost $60,000 and spent nearly eight months renovating the restaurant, replacing booths, repainting and re-flooring and added a digital menu board.

5) It serves three meals a day

For those looking for a breakfast, lunch or dinner option, Dean’s Grill offers all three. It opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 10.

6) There’s no ‘Dean’ actually working at the business.

Although the restaurant employs three servers and a chef, there is no “Dean” at “Dean’s Grill.” The restaurant is named after Abubakr’s son, who “loves to eat.”

For more information, visit www.tinyurl.com/deansgrill or call 513-805-7576.

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