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The Top 5 highest paid hospital executives earned more than $1 million in salary and benefits in 2015, on average.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

This media outlet obtained hundreds of pages of public IRS records for local nonprofit hospitals to report on the salaries and incentives awarded to hospital CEOs and executives in calendar year or fiscal year 2015.

All nonprofits are required to disclose financial and salary information to the IRS, in exchange for their tax-exempt status. Use the search tool below to find salary and incentives data for officials listed in those documents. These are key members of either the hospital or hospitals executive team engaged in defining the overall business strategy and direction of the organization.

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About the data

Compensation amounts were taken from Form 990 tax filings for hospitals or systems for calendar year or fiscal year 2015.

Amounts, titles and other information were taken from the section “Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees” on those forms.

“Salary and incentives” were compiled by adding the totals for “Base compensation” and “Bonus & incentive compensation.”

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