Police: Traffic stop for car driving 5 mph leads to OVI arrest


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An officer on patrol at 11:34 p.m. May 6 saw a vehicle on College Corner Pike moving at approximately 5 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit is 35 mph and one headlight was out, according to a police report. The vehicle turned slowly into the parking lot of the Budget Inn motel, where the officer initiated a traffic stop.

The officer detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside the car and asked about that. The driver allegedly told him there was marijuana in his jacket pocket and that he did not have a driver’s license. The female passenger said she was not driving because she had been drinking.

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A computer check revealed the driver had a suspended license in reference to a child support suspension as well as 15 prior license suspensions with a failure to reinstate status.

He was asked to get out of the vehicle and the marijuana roach found in his pocket as well as two more in a cigarette pack. The officer detected the odor of marijuana and alcohol about his person and asked him to perform field sobriety tests.

He did not do well on the tests, failing to follow instructions and at one point saying, “Man, I ain’t got no balance.” He failed to count his steps as required and restarted several times, once failing to turn to retrace his steps but instead, walking backwards.

He was taken to the police station and the car impounded. He submitted to a breath test with a reading of .101.

He was charged with two lighted lights displayed, failure to reinstate license, driving under suspension, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and possession of a controlled substance. He was released on his own recognizance and the marijuana roaches were secured as evidence.

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