Oxford girl’s crocheted dolls get shout-out from Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’

An Oxford resident's hobby making crochet dolls brought her recognition from cast members of the Broadway musical "Hamilton."

Katie Johnston, 15, loves the Broadway show and used her recently-learned skills for crocheting to make dolls of characters in the acclaimed musical.

She created 10 dolls of the main cast members of the show and sent them off to New York, not sure if there would be a response.

There was.

Several of the cast members used the dolls in a short video they posted to Instagram.

WATCH: Stars of Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ with Oxford girl’s gift

Johnston, a sophomore at Talawanda High School, said she started the crochet work knowing how to sew “a little bit,” but caught on quickly.

“I like ‘Star Wars’ and I was in Jo-Ann’s Fabrics in February and saw a pattern on how to make Star Wars characters,” she said. She purchased the kits and learned how to crochet to make those characters.

She realized she could use the same general patterns for human forms. She adapted the patterns to that of characters in the cast of “Hamilton.”

“There was a lot of trial and error,” she said. “The first one I made was really, really small. A lot depends on the stress you put on each stitch and I was making them too tight.”

“Hamilton, An American Musical” opens in Chicago this fall, and Johnston said she is looking forward to seeing a performance there.

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