Officials: Butler County coronavirus illnesses, deaths hold steady

The number of people having died from the coronavirus in Butler County and those infected is holding steady in recent days, local health officials said this morning.

But Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer said during a press conference the number of residents who have recovered has increased this week from 28 to 42 people.

The number of reported cases in the county remain at 108, with two deaths recorded, Bailer said.

“We have kept that curve low and Ohio and Butler County have responded well,” she said referring to the many preventative measures — including sheltering at home — area residents have adopted in the wake of state-ordered shutdowns of all non-essential businesses, all schools and public gatherings.

“We should be proud of that and we should be proud that your friends and neighbors have taken up the torch and done the things that need to be done,” she said.

On Monday, county health officials reported there were 76 COVID-19 cases, which rose to 92 by Tuesday but have since stayed at 108 cases since Wednesday.

Of the cases, she said, the medium age of those infected has been 55 years old.

The press conference also included urging by local mental health experts, asking residents who are suffering anxieties, depression and other virus-connected, mental health problems to reach out to local healthcare providers who remain open and ready to assist.

“The mental health community is here for you and our doors have remained open during the pandemic,” said Dr. Quinton Moss, of the local Modern Psychiatry and Wellness group.

Dr. Moss urged Butler County residents to strive to “maintain routine and structure” as they shelter at home at least until May 1, when the Ohio orders are scheduled to expire.

“What we are going through is only temporary. Make sure you are calling others and having conversations across the lawn or across the street with neighbors at a safe distance,” he said.

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