Newport’s Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival starts today. Here’s what to know.

The Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival highlights the three favorite things of Kentuckians (and a lot of other people as well). Here are the delicacies and associated activities you can expect to find at the fest, as well as some new attractions.

The Bourbons

The bourbons available at various booths through the fest will be: Maker’s Mark, Evan Williams, Jack Daniels Honey, Early Times, Bird Dog Black Cherry and Old Forester.

You can also visit the Bourbon Experience Tent, where you can play Bourbon Trivia or take a rudimentary Bourbon 101 class. Don’t worry. No grades will be issued, especially since you’ll be sidling up to the Bourbon Bar to try exclusive, limited, and hard-to-find bourbons such as E.H. Taylor, Eagle, Jefferson’s Reserve Ocean, Wheated Voyage, Calumet Farm Single Rack Black, and a host of Jim Beam bourbons, including Soft Red Wheat, Brown Rice, Barley, and Triticale.

The Beers

The fest will provide a diverse lineup of craft and domestic beers. Braxton and Christian Moerlein will be the craft breweries represented:


Storm (golden cream ale)

Summertrip (passion fruit Berliner Weisse)

Garage (lager)

Jam Session (pale ale)

Tropic Flare (New England IPA)

Christian Moerlein:

Big Hazy (IPA)

Original Lager (duh)

Pineapple Upside Down (fruit sour gose)

Bacon Beer

At the fest’s beer hall, you can play beer trivia and take Beer 101 (again, no grades issued).

Other available beers are Coors Light, Miller Lite, Yuengling, Yuengling Light, Yuengling Black & Tan, Yuengling Golden Pilsner, Fat Tire, Lenienkugel Summer Shandy, and Blue Moon.

The Bacon

Many area restaurants are contributing their unique bacon-infused creations. The following is a sample of eateries and menu items. Bear in mind that many of the dishes you’ll find at the fest are cooked with beer and/or bourbon as well.

Woodhouse (potato pierogies with bacon)

Pork Belly’s Bacon Bar (chicken fried apple smoked bacon)

C-Cubed Catering (bacon-wrapped meatballs)

Bacon Bourbon and Brew Grill (deep-fried peanut butter and jelly bacon sandwich)

Cream Puff Express (grilled bacon goetta sandwich on two glazed donuts)

Cold Iron Concessions (chocolate-covered, bacon-wrapped frozen bananas)

Trotta’s Steak and Seafood (deep-fried bananas coated with bourbon sauce and bacon)

Basil’s On Market (smoked gouda lobster mac-n-cheese with candied bacon

Last but not least, the fest will feature a full lineup of live music and, brand new for 2019, the bluegrass market (arts and crafts) and a visit by the Kentucky Gentlemen Cigar Company. Enjoy!


What: Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival

When: July 11-14, 5 to 11 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon to 11 p.m. Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. Sunday

Where: Festival Park Newport, Riverboat Row, Newport, Ky.

Cost: No admission cost

More info: Bacon, Bourbon and Brew Festival Facebook page

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