Multi-talented Butler County performer growing music, acting careers

A Butler County man is continuing to work on growing his music and performance careers that began with inspiration from his family.

Samuel Day, 28, of Trenton has performed at significant shows around the region, including those with his band, Reclaimers, and has also performed as an actor.

They are careers he began at a young age. His grandmother, who was originally from Germany, was pastor at Faith Christian Fellowship in Trenton and helped inspire him. She died in December.

” She always lived by the philosophy of doing everything with excellence, which has really permeated the way I approach the things I do: music, ministry, acting, art,” he said. “I endeavor to do it all excellently the way she valued.”

He went to the University of Dayton, where alto sax was his major instrument focus. He also was president of the campus recording studio, “Street Sounds.”

Day always loved music. After piano lessons at age 7, he picked up the saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums. These days he focuses more on singing and playing the piano or guitar.

“I do write my own music,” he said. “The only thing currently in my catalogue that wasn’t written by me are things like covers of Christmas songs.”

He started production of his music in his teens, learning because he didn’t know anyone who could do it for him..

“I really wanted to be able to hear my own songs, so I started with our home computer and some basic software my family picked up as Best Buy,” he said.

He played at Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati last summer, and his band performed for the inaugural “Grizzly Awards,” an award ceremony dedicated to the Christian Rock industry.

Day does ministry with Faith Christian Fellowship of Trenton, both in a music and teaching capacity, and he also does some work as an actor.

In high-school, Day started to see glimpses of acting with some theatre productions and digital media classes, but as he got into college, his focus had to be singular with the work required for his music degree.

“It wasn’t until near the end of my undergrad experience that I finally had some time to take a couple of acting courses at UD,” he said. “I’m at a place now where I’m beginning to write and shoot my own short scenes with friends and connections in order to create a larger reel, and it’s also a big learning experience for me from every aspect: acting, writing, production, and post-production.”

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