Middletown senior citizens levy passes by large margins

UPDATE @ 9:33 p.m.:

The final ballots from Middletown have been counted, and the Middletown Senior Citizens Levy has passed by a vote of 76.2 percent for the levy to 23.3 percent against, according to final, unofficial results from the Butler County Board of Elections.

The levy also passed in Warren County by a final, unofficial vote of 81 percent for the levy to 19 percent against the levy.

9:25 p.m.:

The last two polling places in Middletown have arrived with their ballots at the Butler County Board of Elections.

Elections officials said the final ballots should be counted in the next 10 minutes.

UPDATE @ 9 p.m.: The Middletown Senior Citizens levy was passing with only two more precincts still needed to be counted in Butler County.

Elections officials said those ballots had not yet arrived at the elections board.


The Middletown Senior Citizens levy is passing handily as absentee ballots are being counted in both Butler and Warren counties.

The five-year, 1-mill renewal levy was passing by 92 percent in Butler County and by 86.6 percent in Warren County.

Turnout was light throughout the day in both counties.

The senior services levy was first approved in 2012. This renewal levy is designed to generate roughly $662,000 each year and will help pay down the remaining mortgage balance, an estimated $1.6 million, for the Central Connections building at 3907 Central Ave.

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If approved, the levy will continue to cost property owners less than $30 annually for $100,000 of valuation, officials said.

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