Meet the ‘quintuplets’ of Miami University

Miami University has “quintuplets.”

Not the traditional, newborn types, but rather a historical rarity of five siblings all taking classes from Miami at the same time.

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Christian, Olivia, Hannah, Cameron and Connor Ridge are simultaneously taking undergraduate or graduate classes at the university’s main Oxford campus and the school’s regional campus in Middletown.

The Ridge brothers and sisters — all from Middletown — are collectively something Miami has only seen once before in the modern era, according to school officials.

“This appears to be the second time we’ve had five siblings at Miami simultaneously,” said Miami University spokeswoman Claire Wagner.

“About 15 years ago we had a family with five students here at the same time, with three graduating the same year. But those two examples are still rare. We found records of more than 30 families with four alumni siblings, but there were years in between their time at Miami,” she said.

Their mother, Dr. Jennifer Ridge — a dermatologist whose practice is in Middletown — is an Ohio State University graduate as is her husband, John. But they are glad their five children are creating their own, next generation college tradition at Miami.

While paying the college tuition not covered by scholarships can be daunting, said Ridge, the advantages far outweigh any downsides.

“There really isn’t a downside,” she said. “I’m glad they are all really close and they have each found their niche at Miami.”

The nationally acclaimed school, which regularly wins recognition as one of America’s most academically prestigious universities, allows each of her children to pursue their interests, she said.

“There is so much variety in the way they can use Miami University,” Ridge said.

Hannah Ridge said it wasn’t planned, “it just fell into place.”

Connor, 24, the oldest who transferred to Miami, is now studying architecture and design on the Oxford campus.

Twins Christian and Hannah, 22, both earned bachelor’s degrees from Miami and are pursuing master’s degrees. He double majored in accountancy and finance, finishing in May, and is now seeking a Master’s degree of accountancy.

After earning a degree in English education in 2016, Hannah is pursuing her master’s in experience design. She graduated in three years after participating in Miami’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program her junior and senior years of high school.

Cameron, 21, will graduate from Miami regional college this month with an associate’s degree in business.

And the youngest, 18-year-old Olivia who is a senior at Fenwick High School, is in College Credit Plus, which allows her to take college-level classes. She takes a CCP chemistry class at her school and two others at Miami’s Middletown campus.

Wagner said the five epitomize the mission of Miami and its connectivity among all students.

“We talk sometimes about the Miami family, but the Ridges give that phrase special meaning,” she said.

Miami University news service contributed to this story.

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