Judge orders New Miami to stop using speed cameras

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage ruled today that the village of New Miami must stop using its speed cameras, effective immediately.

Sage said he had serious concerns about the administrative process that the village was using to allow motorists who were cited to protest or appeal liability tickets.

The judge was hearing arguments this morning on a lawsuit brought against the village by several people who had received tickets from the speed cameras. New Miami officials wanted Sage to dismiss the case, but instead the judge determined that the lawsuit could be a class-action one and that other motorists who had been cited could join on and seek remedy.

New Miami has collected more than $1 million in revenue since deploying the mobile cameras 15 months ago. Sage did not rule today on whether the village would have to repay the money to those cited.

Attorneys for the village told the Journal-News they would be appealing today’s ruling.