How will Ohio reopen? Governor to explain plan today

Gov. Mike DeWine this afternoon is expected to reveal details of his plan on how to gradually reopen Ohio, which has been under stay-at-home orders since March 23.

Last week, DeWine said he wanted to start with the least risky ways to put Ohioans back to work after limits he imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus the last two months.


“We’re trying to get this right,” he said Thursday.

On Friday, the governor declined to offer any specifics, saying he wanted to release a more complete plan.

It is expected to include orders regarding how businesses will protect employees, customers and the public. Those will include some requirements that are not currently mandated for essential business currently operating.

The plan is expected to lay out requirements for social distancing, disinfecting, health screenings and masking in places of employment. The combination of those actions can reduce the risk of infection from the coronavirus.

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The administration has strongly recommended wearing masks in public but has not ordered it. That could change in some way as part of the plan coming today.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said no business will be required to reopen. The state plan will offer the standards businesses must meet in order to reopen, he said.

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