U-Haul expands self-storage space in Middletown with 450 more units

Workers have been putting on the finishing touches for the new U-Haul Storage facility at 2436 N. Verity Parkway. The new 450-unit storage facility offers 24/7 access to its climate-controlled indoor units and its outdoor storage unit and offers high-tech security features. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

An ongoing demand for high-end, climate-control self-storage units with high-tech security features is causing a national company to expand its facilities in Middletown.

U-Haul Storage has recently opened about 450 self-storage units at its new location at 2436 N. Verity Parkway. The location was formerly the site of an auto dealership. There are climate-controlled indoor units and outside drive-up self-storage units that are open to customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Drew Case, president of U-Haul Southwest Ohio, said the primary focus of the new facility will be on the available self-storage units. He said customers expect their services to be available on-demand. Self-storage is available at any time with a secure rental process just as it is when a customer rents and returns a truck or trailer.

“Many major corporations have been investing in this area and we want to join them. Middletown is a growing community with an increased demand for self-storage,” Case said. “This acquisition was driven by U-Haul Corporate Sustainability initiatives: U-Haul supports infill developments to help local communities lower their carbon footprint. The adaptive reuse of existing buildings reduces the amount of energy and resources required for new-building materials and helps cities reduce their unwanted inventory of unused buildings.”

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Case said company policy did not permit him to comment on the costs of the project. City building permit records indicated that the project would cost an estimated $1 million.

“Self-service locations are successful because they are meeting a unique need,” he said. “There is an influx of people moving to metro areas. With this expansion, customers need a secure place to store their belongings. The modern self-storage customer is looking for ways to skip the line and avoid worrying about store hours.”

U-Haul Moving & Storage has been in Middletown since 1979 at its primary location at 230 South Verity Parkway, and with the increase in its product offering, U-Haul will look to hiring additional team members at its primary location there. Case said the expansion was driven by customer demand. As the demand increases, so will our facilities, he said.

U-Haul operates two other 24/7 access self-service storage locations at 2335 Gilbert Ave. in Cincinnati, and at 360 S. Main St. in downtown Dayton.

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